This one is  THE most versatile one released by solostream  wordpress themes

wp enlightened  solsotream theme launched

WP-Enlightened – Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme can be used to

– show off your portfolio

– small  business

– content-focused thought-leader blog

-Personal blog

As usual  the theme comes with  multiple banner options for advertising as well as flexibility in arranging your themes with social buttons inbuilt. Check out solostreams latest latest creation, WP-Enlightened.

AVG Antivirus by AVG Technologies, is a very good antivirus program. However, there are times when you may want to uninstall and this does not happen. You may want to fix AVG by first completely uninstalling it and then reinstalling AVG again or when you want to try another antivirus program and AVG doesn’t  un -install.

AVG doesn’t  un –install

wireless router australia retail gadget shop with anitvirus

Go here for the avg antivirus remover for 32 bit and 64 bit windows

Look no further – AV antivirus themselves have a removal program (software)

Incoming searches

How to remove avg software

how to disable avg antivirus software

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how do i uninstall avg

Word press just got updated to 3.52 and i  am usually slack in checking what’s been updated due to time constraints , but i decided to go   and  see their detailed release notes this time  as  a few of my word press websites got hacked recently and some getting excessively spammed  and i was QUITE  SUPRISED to see quite a few vulnerabilities  that got fixed with this update.. which means there were many vulnerable wordpress sites out there recently.

what got updated with wordpress

wordpress hacked  update 3.5

Here is snippet of the vulnerabilities that has been fixed with

WordPress Update  Version 3.5.2

Version 3.5.2 fixes seven security issues:

* Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) via the HTTP API. CVE-2013-2199.
* Privilege Escalation: Contributors can publish posts, and users can reassign authorship. CVE-2013-2200.
* Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in SWFUpload. CVE-2013-2205.
* Denial of Service (DoS) via Post Password Cookies. CVE-2013-2173.
* Content Spoofing via Flash Applet in TinyMCE Media Plugin. CVE-2013-2204.
* Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) when Uploading Media. CVE-2013-2201.
* Full Path Disclosure (FPD) during File Upload. CVE-2013-2203
Additional security hardening Done - includes:
* Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) (Low Severity) when Editing Media. CVE-2013-2201.
* Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) (Low Severity) when Installing/Updating Plugins/Themes. CVE-2013-2201.
* XML External Entity Injection (XXE) via oEmbed. CVE-2013-2202.
As is always suggested immediately update your wordpress installation either  from your blog dashboard
 or then from your hosting provider dashboard to update all blogs at once. I know bluehost hosting service  provides 
this service  to update all blogs at once  from the hosting login  to keep your blogs safe 

Installation/Update Information for bloggers

To download WordPress 3.5.2, update automatically from the Dashboard > Updates menu in your site’s admin area or visit


For more information, see the release notes.

Installing and setting up a word-press website or blog  is pretty easy , but the next part  after getting some content in  is where is the important part  where you will attract  more eyeballs to your website and that is SEO ( which gets you more traffic).

wordpress blogs websites  in australia

SEO or wordpress onpage  optimization for wordpress

Onpage optimization is more of a general term that applies to all websites , and with wordpress being a website as well , if you apply the correct onpage optimization to your word press blog or website , you can get heaps of free traffic coming your way from some of the top search engines like Google , yahoo and Bing and others.

Free method to get  onpage optimization in wordpress

the best wordpress Seo plugins

Analyse the already ranking pages in google search

How to analyse  existing websites  to  do similar successful optimization

Decide which keyword  you want  do seo or onpage optimisation  for ?

For eg if your blog is a gadget tech blog ,you might want to  seo onpage optimize for “Uk gadget tech blog” as a keywords  for your website or page

Got on googlesearch , do  a search for “UK gadget Tech blog” – analyse the top three ranking websites you get in results

+ check their page title  which will show on the top of the browser on the page

+ check their  page description( check title and description with this free tool)

How to Make $250+/Day Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles- Click here to view more details

+ check their  keyword density for that particular keyword  in that page ( with this free tool)

+ now make your own page title’s and description and page content  varying them a bit  keeping a focus on main keywords

Use your keywords in the appropriate places. The most important places to use your keywords are your page titles, meta descriptions, and headings. While you do not have to fill in a meta description (search engines will use whatever text is relevant

Use external links in moderation. An external link is a hyperlink to another website. Search engines expect you to link to some other websites, but if you use them excessively (i.e. more than 50 on a page), you run the risk of appearing to the search engines as a link farm.

building websites  australia wordpress small business

wordpress themes

Easy methods to get  onpage optimization in wordpress via plugins

The easiest way to check on-page optimization of your wordpress website or blog is with a paid plugin , but there are some free plugins as well which do not get updated as regularly  and do not have  as much features as needed, but will still do little part of the onpage optimisation.


Free plugins for onpage optimisation

All in One SEO Pack Pro version 2.1  ( you also get a free version of allin one seo plugin, which you can download from within the admin panel on your wordpress blog blog , by going to  add plugins  and search for this plugin


Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin -  This is another popular wordpress seo plugin that  also has a page analysis feature within the plugin , with also  verification by bing and google and yahoo built in just like All in one seo

Onpage optimisation with Google chrome and Firefox browsers


Onpage optimisation can not only be done by wordpress plugins , but also  can be done with browser plugins like this firefox browser seo plugin below

Another free wordpress seo plugin is SEO plugin – Platinum SEO which is useful for basic seo for a wordpress blog

There is a firefox plugin that can analyze your onpage SEO and it’s called "SEO Doctor"
Here’s the link:…on/seo-doctor/

Paid plugins for  wordpress onpage optimisation

The above both plugins featured  “yoast seo plugin” and “all in one seo” have free as well as paid verisons

There are other other paid plugins like Easy WordPress SEO and SEO presser , Clickbump SEO plugin.

Another good article  before you  start or build your blog if you are new to the game is  this article  3 steps-to-setting-up-a-popular-and-successful-blog/– Go check it out

More seo resources for wordpress blogs

"Here you go, sir!

This chinese airline has got a spring in their step

They are mixing up their flights with some fun on-board themes – like these maid and butler costumes."

Airhostesses spruce it up in spring

spring airlines  airhostesses shanghai beijing china

Low-cost carrier Spring Airlines plans to dress its crew as maids and butlers. In  a attractive twist  the airline customers will get served by good looking maids an butlers in the ever-growing  competitive  airline sector of chinaFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Spring Airlines (Chinese: 春秋航空; pinyin: Chūnqiū Hángkōng; abbreviated 春航) is a budget airline with its headquarters in the Homeyo Hotel (航友宾馆 Hángyǒu Bīnguǎn) in Changning District, Shanghai, China. While the company adopted the English name "Spring Airlines", the Chinese characters literally mean "Spring and Autumn Airlines".


Other Popular chinese  airlines

  • Air China Limited
  • China Southern Airlines
  • China Eastern Airlines Corp. Ltd.

Strange business

Craig Hill Training Services

Australian opposition party leader Tony Abbott has condemned Melbourne University for allowing gender segregation at on-campus Islamic events, branding the practice “a leap back into the dark ages.”

“I just think it’s un-Australian what’s happened here and I can’t understand for a second why Melbourne University would tolerate it,” the Opposition Leader said.

“I would expect members of parliament who want to see a fair and decent and passionate society which treats women equally … to be up in arms about this.”

At an April 13 lecture on Islamic Jihad in Syria, signs directed “sisters” to the back of the theatre, and “brothers” to the front.

Gender segregation was also encouraged at an information session for prospective Australian Islamic Peace Conference volunteers held by the Islamic Research and Educational Academy at the university’s Public Lecture Theatre on March 10.

The university said the events were held by external organisations…

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ahhh bourbon

Elizabeth Marro

IMG_0185 - Version 2

The distiller and I are sitting across from each other in the swelter of a Denver June afternoon, three tiny unlabeled bottles of bourbon lined up before us. He pours from one into a scratched goblet that will serve as a snifter, lifts it to his nose, and then offers it to me like a teacher holding out a piece of chalk.

My turn.

Our classroom is the backyard of the rented house that he shares with his girlfriend, his Bassett hound, a cat, and a roommate to help pay the rent while he gets his business off the ground. He is showing me how to taste the spirit in which he has invested thousands of hours and dollars that he has scraped to earn, borrow, or finance at vertiginous rates on credit cards. As with wine, there is the “nosing,” the swirling, the chewing, the spitting, but the step…

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