when do you stop using a free plugin?

when does a  free useful  plugin  start to be termed spammy ?

Should i stop using this free plugin  which offers such a free nice service ?

Contact page plugin for wordpress -FAST ANSD SECURE CONTACT FORMS

fast and secure contact form plugin contact page wordpress


This had been one of my favourite contact form  plugins for past few years  for my word press blogs , just because its fast and reliable  and does the job and i have had no complaints about this plugin so far

Just noticed last week though  they have now inserted a link to their  home page , which  is kinda looking spammy like those theme advertising links at the footer of every theme page.

Question is  should i  switch  or  jus  let those links be there as credit to  the plugin developer ( he will be getting a link from pretty much every page)

Link to contact form

Maybe punters can donate to him to  push him  keep the plugin free ,link below


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Fast Secure Contact Form

A super customizable contact form that lets your visitors send you email. Blocks all automated spammers. No templates to mess with.

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