"Here you go, sir!

This chinese airline has got a spring in their step

They are mixing up their flights with some fun on-board themes – like these maid and butler costumes."

Airhostesses spruce it up in spring

spring airlines  airhostesses shanghai beijing china

Low-cost carrier Spring Airlines plans to dress its crew as maids and butlers. In  a attractive twist  the airline customers will get served by good looking maids an butlers in the ever-growing  competitive  airline sector of chinaFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Spring Airlines (Chinese: 春秋航空; pinyin: Chūnqiū Hángkōng; abbreviated 春航) is a budget airline with its headquarters in the Homeyo Hotel (航友宾馆 Hángyǒu Bīnguǎn) in Changning District, Shanghai, China. While the company adopted the English name "Spring Airlines", the Chinese characters literally mean "Spring and Autumn Airlines".


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