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Making money with Micro Niche Websites


Eg. https://flippa.com/auctions/92295/Shark-Steam-Cleaner-Site-700-1400-Per-Month-in-Adsense

We’ll do a keyword research and find a potential micro niche which is low competitive.

* The keyword will have at least 1000+ Exact USA Searches
* Keyword.com or Keyword.org or Keyword.net will be available. This exact keyword domain will make you get top position in weeks. You have to purchase the domain and let me know the Cpanel details. If you don’t want to reveal the cpanel details, just install wordpress and watch us making a money machine!
* The keyword will have atleast $1.00 Avg. CPC.
* We’ll choose a template and get the content ready for you.
* The site will have 2 Unique 500 words article.